Monday, October 27, 2008

Somebody forgot to take their meds...

Apparently, two neo-Nazis decided that they would try to futilely lash out at the society that shows so clearly that they are incompetent, petty bastards. How will they fight back, you ask? With violence, of course. The only way that pathetic manchildren could possibly ever imagine to compensate for their shortcomings. But, for whatever reason, they couldn't do it without stealing the necessary weaponry first. Can't be committing crimes with readily available, legally purchased guns, can we? And the plan? To shoot up a predominantly black Tennessee high school. And then drive around the country in their car, randomly killing more people. The finale? Trying to run down/gun down Barack Obama. And, I shit you not:
"Both individuals stated they would dress in all white tuxedos and wear top hats
during the assassination attempt"
Ahahahahahaha. White supremacist Mr. Peanut and Uncle Pennybags were caught before even reaching stage one of their plan (the "robbing a gun store" part). Which is good: it wouldn't be nearly as hilarious if they were actually successful. They are just two morons who thought that they could take out 108+ innocent civilians, escape, kill more people, and assassinate Barack Obama in a blaze of glory, when they can barely prevent their own dumbasses from getting caught in the planning phase. And that fact is good for more than a few chuckles.


Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Jeez - I just stopped having nightmares because of your zombie Jesus and now you have this refugee from Altered States on your site ;) More lost sleep - so if I post another math exercise you will have no one to blame but yourself!

Asylum Seeker said...

Damn...not math. That is the thing of nightmares for me...(coincidentally, I just came from a math the fear and agony has been compounded...).

pboyfloyd said...


Is there any way that you could make a botched robbery ten times worse.

Claim that you were conspiring to commit murder!

Is there any way that you could make admitting conspiring to commit mass murder and attempted robbery any worse... anyone... anyone.. Bueller?

Oh.. oh.. pick me... I know this, I KNOW THIS!

Apparently these two sad-sacks didn't though. Hope they likee prison.(i.e. c*ck!)

Asylum Seeker said...

I honestly think that they should be sent off for some psychiatric care. They are obviously not right in the head. Until, maybe the ensuing butt secks might set them straight (so to speak).