Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've got your socialism right here: [obscene gesture]

The next person who says the word "socialist" is going to get their damn head chopped off for purposes of stress relief (myself excluded, of course). If you think that playing the Red Scare card is a valid argument against trying to get some money from the massive hoards being built up by multi-millionaires in order to have a tad more for the coffers of minimum wage workers (and everyone else, dammit), then why do you also not cry socialism in regards to ANY form of taxation? Why do you not also weep when those filthy commies in the White House and legislatures force you to pay for fire and police departments, schools, the salaries of government officials, and our precious, precious military? Is it only "socialism/Marxism/communism/whatever the hell you want to label it" when we decide that people with more money can afford to pay more money? Is "socialism" of this kind only a horrible atrocity that should not spoken by decent Americans when it is applied to something beyond what we have already readily applied it to?

We get it: you are still trying to relive the good ol' days of McCarthyism, and desperately defending the rights of the obscenely wealthy to preserve their stores of cash from ever entering circulation ever again with not only impunity, but government sanction. And I am sure the millions of other people whose net income is expended entirely on necessities with little to none left to spare are very appreciative of your dogged pursuit to insure that those whose income far surpasses necessary living expenses can pay at the same rate as those who are lucky to have any savings at all. Real America commends you for your effort. And it is time for that America to end.

Edit: And look at that...Marxist by association. Uggghhh.

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