Thursday, October 9, 2008

Atheist Nexus

So, I was just over at Atheist Nexus. It's like an atheist themed Facebook. Unfortunately, despite being presented as a hub for atheists, it seems rather less populated and active than other atheist sites (despite biggies like Pharyngula and the Friendly Atheist having groups there). I am, of course, only interested in the blogs over there (I despise social networking) but they seem to be rather...lackluster. If you haven't heard of the place, try it out. Personally, I am not very interested, but I am going to be keeping a toe in the water over there.


mac said...

Hey, I'm with you...I wouldn't want to associate with a bunch of atheists either ;-)

Asylum Seeker said...

It's not that I don't like atheists, it's just that some of them are so uppity and militant. They're always so mean, and angry, and college professor-y, and baby-eating-esque. No thank you.