Friday, October 10, 2008

Slacker Uprising

My brother just linked me to this. It is a free, online Michael Moore documentary called Slacker Uprising. It is basically just a bunch of footage from several talks he held on college campuses before the 2004 elections in an attempt to encourage young voters to get registered and to vote. I honestly found it a little dull, though the methods that a few people went to in order to protest his speaking events, or even outright prevent them from occurring, were definitely entertaining. Particularly noteworthy was when a bunch of Republican protestors at one his speaking events caught Michael's attention while he was at the podium in an auditorium of some sort, and their protest took the form of joining hands and chanting a prayer out loud (because true Christians always pray where everyone can else can see them). It was really kind of humorous, especially due to the fact that they departed immediately after him asking "Who would Jesus bomb?". And, of course, at the very end, there was a tiny comedy bit done by Roseann Barr that was just plain hilarious. But, otherwise, it was a lot of "meh". But, it's out there if anyone is interested in what Michael Moore was doing for a few months four years ago.

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Saint Brian the Godless said...

It's a good movie. I was expecting more of a tie-in at the end to the current situation, but it leaves us to make that connection on our own.

Get out there and VOTE, is the gist, I think. No matter how far ahead it looks like Obama is, he can still lose it to the machine and it'a macchiavellian machinations...