Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Geez...Rolling Stone is going to be running a brutally critical look into McCain's life. It ain't pretty. It is a rather long article, that basically amounts to observing that McCain was a terrible student, naturally belligerent and womanizing, a terrible pilot, and who only managed to skirt by due to his father's influence (who was an admiral). And then it goes into his time as a POW, which, while not trying to make it sound like he didn't suffer (he did), it also makes it clear that he wasn't exceptional, and that he did willingly offer up information in order to assure his own survival. And then, we get to the more recent years, where he is just as quick to anger, but even more power-hungry, willing to take "maverick" positions in order to get publicity, and thus climb higher and higher in government rank (because he reached a dead-end in trying to climb up higher in military rank).

Not exactly an unbiased, objective look, but it does present a nice alternative point of view on the "war-hero/maverick" spin, and it does seem to offer up a good amount of evidential support for its position on the matter. So, it is interesting, to say the least.

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