Friday, October 31, 2008

Fearmongering? Nahhh...couldn't be...

Oh noez, Obama iz radical!!!!1!!

But of course, throughout history when dangerous, radical men have offered themselves up for leadership, their moderate supporters have rationalized their early support by hoping that the dangerous man is really a sensible man like them and doesn't believe some of those wild things he has said to his more fervent followers.

But as the campaign clock ticks down to its last days and hours, prudent people have to consider the possibility that beneath that easy manner and calming voice is the pulsating heart of a genuine man of the radical left.

What "wild things"? "Dangerous" how? Doesn't the "radical left" (per definition of "radical" that pertains to potential calls to violence) mostly consist of, I dunno, PETA? Your innuendo is weak, child.
(Obama) was a natural, the undisputed master of agitation, who could engage a room full of recruiting targets in a rapid-fire Socratic dialogue, nudging them to admit that they were not living up to their own standards. As with the panhandler, he could be aggressive and confrontational. With probing, sometimes personal questions, he would pinpoint the source of pain in their lives, tearing down their egos just enough before dangling a carrot of hope that they could make things better.
Awesome! Why should I care that Obama can mindrape people?

The agitator's job, according to Alinsky, is first to bring folks to the 'realization' that they are indeed miserable, that their misery is the fault of unresponsive governments or greedy corporations, then help them to bond together to demand what they deserve, and to make such an almighty stink that the dastardly governments and corporations will see imminent 'self-interest' in granting whatever it is that will cause the harassment to cease. "In these methods, euphemistically labeled 'community organizing,' Obama had a four-year education, are complaining that he is teaching people how to protest against perceived injustice? Wow. Is your problem with this that they didn't just lie down and accept their lot in life, that they want to have a government that is actually beneficial to the general populace, or that they didn't use weaponry to make their displeasure known? Seriously, I would like to know.
But those accurate, in context words of Obama must raise in the mind of any reasonable person the suspicion that Obama's heart and soul is dangerously close -- if not fully seized of -- a Marxist (or perhaps Marxist Christian liberation theology) view of human and economic relations.
LOLWUT? He said that the Warren Court wasn't too radical because it didn't deal with redistribution of wealth, said that redistribution of wealth isn't a practice that the federal government was designed to do, and that whatever redistribution we need needs to be done at a local, grassroots level. If merely mentioning money changing hands outside of market transactions, and that we have a major problem when it comes to wealth distribution that cannot be resolved through free market activity alone, counts as Marxism, I would hate to know what you call actual Marxists.
An envious world smells a momentarily vulnerable America. The political beneficiary of Republican failure believes our Constitution is fatally flawed. He may be a committed Marxist. And if he held the presidency for four years, it would be the longest stretch that he ever held a full-time job.
"Envious world"? Conceited of you. They are not so much envious, as pissed that we are arrogant enough to assume that every problem they have with us is due to envy. Obama thinks that the Constitution has one flaw, in that it does not explicitly mention methods of dealing with market activity. And he is not a committed Marxist. The smear machine is being brought up to 11. They are in a pinch. Please...please...don't mess this up America!


Pliny-the-in-Between said...

I think that a careful assessment of the situation results in a fairly simple deduction: These guys are lying sacks of whale dung (the lowest of the low for it sinks to the bottom of the sea) who will say anything to keep from losing their corrupt and privileged place suckling at the teat of the tax paying public.

Asylum Seeker said...

"These guys are lying sacks of whale dung (the lowest of the low for it sinks to the bottom of the sea) who will say anything to keep from losing their corrupt and privileged place suckling at the teat of the tax paying public."

Counterpoint: I agree.

libhom said...

Fear mongering from the right?!?!?!?!!!!!

I'm as shocked as you are.

Paul said...

I think they're projecting.

Jared said...

Many people unite primarily out of fear of "others." This is primarily how many politicians get elected. We've seen it from both sides of the political aisle, it usually comes from the incumbent party and relies upon the "group x will change things, and that would be bad!" argument, which really is devoid of any real substance. I think, in this case, the public sees how fucked up everything in this country is an hears the "group x will change things, and that will be bad" and replies, "but will it be worse than it is now, let's give it a shot, we've got nothing left to lose."

Personally, as an independent and cynic, I think both parties are like zeppelins, "nothing but hot air that blows up in their faces when the end is near."

For once, I'd like to hear a candidate make reasoned, well formulated arguments for all of his or her positions. Maybe then I could say I'm voting FOR a candidate rather than AGAINST another candidate (like my vote against McCain).

Asylum Seeker said...

"Personally, as an independent and cynic, I think both parties are like zeppelins, 'nothing but hot air that blows up in their faces when the end is near.'"

Yes. But will it blow up while over San Francisco or a nice little place with small town values? America needs to know!

Also: a pretty good summary of how it works. I personally am of the "we're piss poor now, change is needed" mentality, whereas I just heard people at work all in tissy about how Obama frightens them, because they of the mentality that "we're doing fine, and change will ruin everything!" Mostly because the people they agree with are saying that, and the people I generally agree with are saying otherwise. It's all a matter of who you are brainwashed by, and I am sure the mentalities will switch side once the Democrats finally get a chance to be incumbents again.

It would be nice to have well formulated arguments. But you wouldn't want to sound elitist, and waste your time appealing to people with logic when they are ultimately just going to go with the person who can convince them a. that there is a boogeyman somewhere and b. voting for Politician Nameless will let him beat that boogeyman. Repeat ad nauseaum until election.

On an unrelated note: END IT NOW!!

Richelle said...

apparently the conservative fear mongering works well in the ignorant south... and apparently east texas is a part of the ignorant south.

i just learned yesterday that 23% of texans actually believe obama is muslim.

it makes me ashamed to admit that i live in the guilty state.

at least i wasn't born here, i can take some comfort in that.

Asylum Seeker said...

Funny thing is, Richelle, I also heard about that poll recently. On Hannity and Colmes! Referenced as an indication that he actually is Muslim! Headasplode.