Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you are a novelist? Well, now's the month to change that.

It's almost National Novel Writing Month! Hooray! The time of year where an elite cadre of devoted internet dwellers decide to torment themselves for a total of 30 days by trying to belt out a 50,000 word novel by the end of November. All for bragging rights alone.

I don't remember when I gave up last year, but I gave up hard. I am still enjoying that forfeit, even in retrospect. The quit is sound, the quit is good. The state of the quit is strong.

But, I guess I'll give it another shot this year. Smart people tend to learn their lessons once, but I am glutton for self-inflicted punishment (and crappy plot concepts).


The Maze Monster said...

50,000 words is kinda tough for 30 days. My last books is nearly 100,000 words but it took four months to pen (no editing, just straight writing)

Asylum Seeker said...

It might be easier if you aren't necessarily trying to make a quality product. Or a coherent one. Or anything that resembles something more than a bunch of disconnected thoughts punctuated by vague plot events to push on more instances of pointless babble. So...it might be do-able....