Friday, October 31, 2008

Gotta love Christian "charity": Dungeon Master's edition

Brought to my attention by a Dungeons and Dragons-themed web-comic comes news that this year's GenCon (read: nerd-related event) decided to donate some money to the late Gary Gygax's favorite charity: Christian Children's Fund. I think you know what is coming...

Apparently, this particular charity never got the memo that it is no longer the 1980's. Hysteria over the evils of roleplaying games is not mainstream anymore, and most people no longer entertain the notion that there is Satanic conspiracy behind every corner. Basically, this is not Jack Chick's America. But, Christian Children's Fund was unaware, so they refused to take the $17.000 that they was given to the charity by people who are clearly trying their damndest to worship Satan through dice rolling and $30 rulebooks. Which is, apparently, the fast track to becoming a real 17th level wizard.

The money was promptly given to a less insane organization, who was not willing to let their inane ideological preconceptions to get in between people donating money, and frickin' children who need the money to get the bare necessitites. I now have reason to despise those smultzy commercials they put on T.V. all the more, now that I know how willingly they throw away cash, and children's lives, in order to maintain ideological purity. Morons.


pboyfloyd said...

It's funny that they are happy to take money from Bush's 'faith-based' initiatives thingy.

Don't the Muslim's call the USA and in particular the USA Govt. "The Great Satan"?

Asylum Seeker said...

"Don't the Muslim's call the USA and in particular the USA Govt. "The Great Satan"?"

"The Great Satan"? What's so great about it?


Yep. They sure do call it that. They've got much love for us (for good reasons, I suppose). I don't know this charity's history for accepting money, but they probably do receive funds from "Christian" sources that are more or less glorified pulpits for warmongering and bigotry. I doubt it is a majority source, but I don't doubt that it happens. Their right to pick and choose, but it isn't their right to pretend that they have moral superiority on their side when they do so.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

If you roll two 16 sided die and score 30 or better they would have taken the cash

Asylum Seeker said...

16-sided dice? That's ridiculous. You are ridiculous, good sir.

It would've been a straight up d20 roll, Diplomacy check against a Difficulty Class of 35, with a circumstance modifier of +2 due to the presence of what amounts to a massive bribe. It's too bad most gamers made Charisma their dump stat. Hence, our current predicament.

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