Saturday, October 4, 2008

Didn't get the me-Mo?

AOL News bloggers was supposed to shut down as of October 1st. For the most part, it did. But, for some reason, Mo Rocca has been the sole writer who has continued his posts everyday since that date. Not that I am complaining. He's a funny guy and is probably the only one of the former bloggers who should continue writing. But....I dunno...seems to defeat the point to have one guy continually adding posts to an otherwise dead blog. (Irony).


mac said...

I noticed this as well.
I like MO, so I just go see what he has to say...he is a funny guy.

Those crazy Young Turks can be found elsewhere ( youtube, for one), I sort of miss Ada Calhoun, simply because I enjoyed a female perspective from time to time and I did enjoy a little flirty banter there sometimes.

Perhaps Mo will stay on in another blogging capacity. I think Political machine is still up, but he doesn't really fit that mold.

Maybe he is the Captain going down withthe ship?? ......Shit, that makes Dinesh the anchor dragging it down !

mac said...

OH yeah...

Good pun in the title :-)

Asylum Seeker said...

I was actually going to point out the pun, but decided against it, since it was tacky. But, anyway, I know that most of the active bloggers went somewhere else.
Ms. Calhoun linked to a site where she is now blogging in the post mentioning the end of Newsbloggers. The Young Turks really didn't blog at all...they kind of just tossed up their youtube videos for us, so no doubt that they will live on in that capacity. We already know DD lives on in the depths of townhall, so that leaves Mo. One thing that I have found of his, after searching for his name on Google, is a version of Aol Newsblogs labeled which is...weird (don't go there without caution: the address stays displayed instead of the actual website address once you navigate away from the page.) But, I've also found that he has articles at the Huffington Post (though I am not sure whether he still works there).

God...hard to keep track of them as they all as they jump ship...