Sunday, April 13, 2008

Zionist Conspriacies And The Homosexual Agenda: Subtitle; Maybe Hitler Was On To Something, Parentheses Racism.

Anyone else think that the Jews are secretly running our society, and trying to use their influence in Hollywood and politics to brainwash the general public into supporting Israel? Because I know that a lot of educated people agree with me on this on, and everyone else who does not agree is a filthy Jew sympathizer and/or a filthy Jew and/or an ignorant liberal hippie and/or a government assassin sent to spy on my activity and undermine my beliefs. You will not win this war, Mr. Thompson! And I will keep burning crosses on your lawn until you admit it!

Anyway, the Jews are obviously trying to promote the homosexual agenda, and are doing so through the television media shows, such as Will and Grace, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and professional wrestling. But they have come to a new low by having kids in the government classrooms being put into brainwashing courses teaching them to "tolerate" the godless gays who are trying to terrorize our country by infecting innocent citizens with the HIV. It's bad enough that they have the filthy liberal lie that is the "Holocaust" still being taught as fact in the history classes, along with the horrible falsehoods of noble Christians having mistreated those conniving, money-grubbing, Jesus-killing Jews in the past. I can tolerate those deceptions because the public schools cannot change the Truth that is my perception of reality. But, when they start trying to convert children to homosexuality, that is where they cross the line!

So, all of you liberal homosexual atheistic Jew hippies, trying to push your agenda on innocent young boys and girls with the God-given right to hate who their parents hate: the next time my boy sees two men kissing and refuses to verbally berate them as sinners for doing so, I will personally hunt down Stephen Speilberg, and hang his head above the mantle of fireplace! So help me God, I'll do it!

Until then, dear readers, do your part to assure that the Jews do not reach their desired goals of destroying the white race through trickery and Jew-lies, and thus gain complete control over the Middle East. Here's what you can do to help:
1. Don't watch movies and television programs that are not explicitly anti-Semitic.
2. Do not pay attention to anything that government officials or teachers say (that's how they get you!).
3. Make sure to remain hateful of anyone not like you, just in case...
4. Do not have sex with members of another race. Everytime you do, somewhere, a kitten dies....and turns into a Jew.
5. Send me $500.00 via e-mail.

If you do all of these things, I can promise you that the Illuminati will not have slit all of our throats to attain their nefarious goals for at least another eight months. I know you can do it!

Love, Jim-bob.

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