Saturday, April 26, 2008


Atheist sites: (Once you've read through some of the quotes, the articles, and comedy material offered, the only thing this site has to offer is the occassional news and video link. Still, nice site to go to if you haven't already spent hours on it previously). (You can comment on the horrible fundie comments that are dragged onto the site, so, needless to say, it is rather addictive). (Warning: parody site!) (especially

Atheist/Agnostic blogs: (Loads of hilarious posts to wade through) (Make sure to check out the Chick tract dissections)

Religious resources: (Religions of all kinds, offered up objectively...which means that it happens to favor atheist's arguments most of the time. Convenient, no?)

Christian sites: (Makes seemingly convincing arguments...but still excessively adherent to her perception of what the Bible demands of Christians. So, basically, typical fundie.) (Note: disorganized and often unintelligible) (As above) (Really hates gays and's disturbing, really). (His religious tracts are legendary...but not in a good way...) (Even funnier if you are familiar with Dungeons and Dragons, et. al.) (Movie reviews + Christian sensibilities=hilarious) (Won't stop ranting about the evils of atheism...scary...)

Some of these are obscure and probably of little interest to most people. Others of them are incredibly popular to the extent that I probably shouldn't even mention them. But, hey...doing things that make sense is not my style!

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