Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Greet the morning, old friend
Your faint slumber doesn't fool me
You are no more worn withered than I
Open your eyes, abandon pity

Speak with your optimism, forgotten
Tell me again of dreamt eternity
Stand, and let the ceiling quiver
Walk, and talk of never stopping.

Time has changed you and I, it seems
Arrogance and bravado, faded, gone
I wish I could long for youth anew
Though I doubt you see the sacrifice.

We share the shame illness, you always said
Reclaim your youth with weary bones
Seize life with conviction, as you commanded me
Or lie in the bed that you made yourself.

Perhaps you are worse than you imagined
For all your joy, wracked with hate
For all your pride, stained with guilt
Yet, I'll let you sleep now, self-forgiven.

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