Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some More Steaming Nuggets

Freepers have a say:

"You can also spread the blame to that lame ass presently occupying the Oval Office, and the limp dicks on the Republican side of the aisle. Nobody...and I mean NOBODY of the so-called Republican persuasion inside the beltway so much as raised their voices, let alone lifted fists in anger at the obvious shenanigans of the mainstream media and the Democrats in the Senate. And they were all just as mute and conveniently blind to the blatant banana-belt campaign of the Magic Niggro. The only one with the cajones that might still put the skids to this Marxist illegal alien's ascension to the White House is THE BITCH herself. I never thought I'd see the day that I cheered for this Democrat whore to do anything........but at this stage of the game I am. GO HILLARY!!!!!" -BuckeyeMike: "Republicans didn't hate people enough"

"The media did several stories on crying black voters.

One crying black sounded like Morpheus talking about Neo, The One. He cried so hard about the Obama win I thought someone kicked him in his uterus.

There were crying blacks everywhere. Crying blacks on top of crying blacks. I saw Jesse Jackson crying next to a huddle of other crying blacks and Oprah too, wedged behind someone, crying. All of them crying together.

I also saw some white homosexuals crying next to the crying blacks. It was a nice juxtaposition. Blacks and homos crying.

There were a few white women crying too with the crying blacks.

I didn't see any real men anywhere. There were none in the crowds. No walrus mustaches or anchor tattoos.

Just a bunch of women wearing brown pleather jackets crying, homos crying and blacks crying.

It was like group therapy for assault trauma victims, which is what the democrat party is now, officially."
-Wyatt_Junker, sociopathic closet case. Who, on an unrelated note, needs to revoke his avatar posthaste.

Edit: But wait...the thread goes on!

"The imbeciles are crying for joy now that their racist-in-chief, their Messiuh-uh-uh, has been elevated to veritable godhood. But wait a while. They will be crying in bitterness when they find out that the Magic Lawn Jockey lied his ass off to them and that he cannot and never intended to do what he promised. He's a power-lusting megalomaniac and they're useful idiots. Smile now, fools. You're as f**ked as the rest of us because of your brain-damaged voting for this real-life example of the Peter Principle." -DoctorDoom, projector with an 8-year time delay.

"Your 'crying blacks' image reminds me of a character in a Sci-Fi series: Sliders. The fellow, a little Richard styled vocalist, went by the nickname "The Crying Man" because he could turn on the tears when emoting on stage.Why are the various groups crying? Well some are crying because they have been brainwashed into tribalism as a source of pride - a culture that depends on its grievances and anger as a source pride tends to build up a huge well of entitlement and frustration. The election of a half Kenyan is a dream come true - 'we' are now respected....'we' have power...'God' has emancipated us. Even hyper rich Oprah is consumed by racialism - the call of the tribe and bloodline. Others, such as gays, cry because of transference - they are ersatz blacks and co-victims. Also captivated by a messiah, their very identity is in the "movement" - the grandeur of vapid promises of "change" "yes we can" and "hope" - childish but real to the immature children that pose as adults. To them, Jesus has been put on the throne. (No doubt the secretly believe Obama is also gay).This is madness - the danger of mobs.On the other hand, for all the hoopla, its striking that he only got 52% of the vote - nothing compared to Reagan's victories. " -maxparrish: "Emotion is so...African. And gay."


pboyfloyd said...

As the uncrowned hero of math(arithmetic actually) I wish to say to my unstomped on subjects, "Hem-hem-hem!", and that's all I have to say about that!(see my blog, resistance is futile, the Lieth police dismisseth us, and so on and.. so forth.

These mental midgets, showing their 'cards' by somehow 'knowing' who is fruity from who is not fruity...

.. it's only a 'miracle' that they couldn't 'see' atheists in the crowd, right?

These 'genius's'... they can see black people crying!

They can see gay people crying!

Can they see the 'straight-leg-sit-up-people' crying as opposed to the 'bent-leg-sit-up-people TOO?

Smooth peanut butter lovers vs. crunchy peanut lovers?

pboyfloyd said...

I'm confused by this idiocy.

Next thing that I'll be 'hearing' is that these 'Einsteins' could tell a woman from a man by looking at their naked crotches!

But what I really need is a list of people that WILL just 'give' me their money for no particular reason!

Hey, if you're in the 'z's perhaps I'll get fed up with it before I get to you.

Asylum Seeker said...

"But what I really need is a list of people that WILL just 'give' me their money for no particular reason!"

They're called "Congress".

GearHedEd said...

Floyd, there's a bunch of christians gathered together in a blog site called "Rapture Ready" just waiting to buy tickets to the title event....


pboyfloyd said...

"They're called "Congress"."


No, they are not that nice. They probably wouldn't mind me watching as they flushed money down the toilet, but that's not quite the same thing really!

pboyfloyd said...

Oh, yea..

I fixed up my 'proof' nicely!

I was a bit under the influence of rum(Yay rum!)last night, but I KNEW that I wasn't going to wake up and be 'scrapping' my proof.

I DID notice that I misspelled 'margin' tho'.. oops!

It IS fixed at the blogsite just not on your link.

Have a look, tell me what you think. It is meant to be an easy visual proof.

It's hard for me to type right now because I'm busy patting myself on the back!

It is a 'scientific' proof therefore 'hammer away', if it can't stand up let me know!

GearHedEd said...

Don't forget to keep the full bottle handy for when Emma starts yelling....

pboyfloyd said...

Funny thing about that Ed, Emma was kind of surprized to notice me getting happier and happier last night.

I can forgive Emma's foibles, she is ill. She forgets and yells that I don't do anything.

Within an hour, Emma is starting to notice all the nothings that I do piling up.

Trouble is, her new meds make her bitchy and she is supposed to be getting them 3 days a week!

The doc can only fit her in for twice a week but she 'might' start getting home shots.