Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It is settled...and hilarious.

Via Pharyngula:
It's a landslide victory! Obama gets 62% of the vote in World of Warcraft!
Wooooo! We did it! But wait...there's more (as per usual).
here were some game-associated differences. People playing the Horde side (undead, orcs, that sort of thing) were mostly for Obama, while those on the Alliance side (humans, elves, dwarves) gave more mixed results, with dwarves being the only group that favored McCain.
The Horde players mostly favoring Obama makes sense: they are the hardcore nerds who are willing to play what is essentially the evil side instead of delving into the fanciful, traditional fantasy that the Alliance side represents, complete with suggestions that they are morally superior (suggesting that the Alliance would be a more standard sample). But, the dwarf thing...inexplicable. Unless...they think that McCain is one of them!

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