Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So....what are you all thankful for during this family gathering, turkey slaughtering, face-gorging holiday season? Please leave all answers in the form of cliches.

Edit: Looks like PZ just gave me something to be thankful for. Namely, a moron being called out on his anti-atheist bull. Praise Athe!


mac said...

I'm thankful for......

Not really anything tonight. I'll try again later...

mac said...

OK, I'm better now....

I am thankful for my life.
I am thankful for the wonderful children I have.
I am soooooo thankful I had a good wife.
I am thankful I ain't dead.
I am thankful my fits of melacholy only last for moments, nnot days.
I am thankful I can read poetry, words mean so much to me.
I am thankful for anything I have ever recieved.

pboyfloyd said...

I'm thankful that I don't live near mac because after reading his comment I think that he needs a hug.

I'm not sure how 'manly' he'd feel about me hugging him.

If you are 'man enough' to accept an 'ESP' hug(which I think that you need)...

... consider it(the ESP hug) on it's way!

Otherwise, umm.. hey.. have an ESP 'slug' on the shoulder 'big guy'.

One of those for you too Seeker! (sniff) I love you, sarg! (LOL)

(This has been brought to you by LAMB'S NAVY RUM)

Asylum Seeker said...

ESP hugs? Sounds like something with a street value of $20.00 per gram. Or a variant on those individually wrapped Hershey's chocolate drop-things that sell for considerably less. But, I personally prefer astral projection handshakes (or cocaine, or Werther's originals for the alternate interpretations).

Anyway, those are some nice sentiments mac. Looks like it only took 15 or so minutes to get your gratitude attitude on.

pboyfloyd said...

Here's a rip-off(emulation) of 'Flight of the Conchords' tune.

It's called, "The stupidest way to die!"

Got up in the middle of the night yea.
A little hungry for some pumpkin pie, yeayea.

Using a knife that was a little bit, a little bit, yea, I said a little bit too much like a straight razor for anyone with any sparking brain-cells yea.

I flicked the pie off the aluminum foil tray that it comes on, comes on comes on..

.. but it stuck a little bit yes.. just a little, the 'Flight' guys from New Zealand seem to like the word 'little'.. LLLL ittttt..lllle.

But the slice of pie was a little bit heavier than I though and the knife pulled up a little too fast for me to stop slitting my own throat and bleeding out on the floor..

I said, "Huh?".. then I said, "Oooo!".. then I thought to myself, yes I thought to myself a little bit, "They're gonna LOL, I thought, "They're gonna ell oooo elllll on the internet, what that must be the stupidest way to die-aye-aye.. "

mac said...

I am thankful to you fellas...I love ya man (cliche acheived)

Oh yeah....I am thankful I am able to laugh....my Uncle used to say " Remember, if you can't laugh at yourself, make fun of someone else"

Christopher said...

I am thankful for a lot of things. I'm in school, I have a great job, overall my life is pretty damn good. And I'm also thankful I don't believe in God. :-P

Richelle said...

aww this is sweet. all you guys are having one big hallmark moment on the intraweb. all this esp hugging is really adorable. just watch out for that pboy, you'll think he's just gonna give you an esp hug and then he turns around and esp gooses ya! dirty fuckin trick ;)

alright, now on to the cheesy cliche thankings:

i'm thankful for my amazing, adorable and totally awesome son.
i'm thankful for my totally bamf fiance, danny.
i'm thankful that dinesh d'souza is a giant douche on the internet, therefore allowing me to meet danny on dinesh's giant douche blog.
i'm thankful for tattoos! cuz they're friggin awesome!
i'm thankful for all the events in my life, good and bad, because they have made me me.
i'm thankful for pumpkin pie and cool whip cuz when their powers combine they make one really badass dessert.
i'm thankful for victoria's secret cuz they make the most comfortable bras EVER... but i'm not thankful for their prices... but i am thankful for their semi-annual sales.
i'm thankful for all the people in my life who have been there for me
i'm thankful for malibu rum and coke zeros, another amazing combination
i'm thankful there weren't enough really stupid people in america to vote john mccain into office.
i'm thankful for the nintendo wii.

i guess that's good for now.

oh wait, i'm thankful for high speed internet cuz i never realized how wonderful it is until i had to use dial up for the first time in years.

Asylum Seeker said...

Noooooo! You are too thankful! You've ruined everything! (I never stopped and thought to be grateful for high speed internet...just goes to show how easy it is to take things for granted...)

mac said...

Right now, I am thankful I don't have to work today !

I am thankful Richelle came along and made me look like an ungrateful bastard...she is funny, danny is a lucky guy :-)

Richelle said...


i'm thankful seeker and mac are silly and can make me laugh.

and i'm thankful mac gave me an opportunity for me to remind danny how lucky he is to have me :)

GearHedEd said...

I'm thankful for pancakes. I saw a OLD couple at Bob Evans a coupla months ago, praying over some pancakes. It was all I could do to not bust out laughing.

"Bless O Lord, these thy pancakes to our use...."

LOL :o)

Mandar Malum said...

What am I thankful for? Hmmm, I am thankful for that fateful day millions of years ago when the amino acids mixed in the vast seas and formed the first living cells... If it hadn't been for that miraculous event, we wouldn't have Thanksgiving, life and the ability to pretend that we need to thank the creator that we created in our own minds...

Mandar Malum said...

Oh, and I am also thankful for Pirates... they have inspired some great stories!

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