Friday, November 7, 2008

I iz trippen

This is America.

This is America on drugs.

The colorz! I can taste them! [Please, do check out the last link for some context about this last image. It has some really interesting implications. Or see here for a fascinating exploration of the relevance of population density when looking at election maps.]


pboyfloyd said...

I don't know Seeker, that might be America if the religious mental cases hadn't usurped the GOP and turned it into 'God's Own Party'.

Hey, they could get themselves a new slogan and everything.

"Because perhaps a little education wouldn't turn everyone into raving commies!"

Happy people are conservative people. Unhappy conservative people don't become socialist tho', they become religious fanatics and fascists.

I really don't think that socialists MIND fiscally conservative people but it seems to me that America has been possessed by some kind of demon these last few years.

Sure they called it "God", but really, "..we shall know them by their fruits..' and all that 'by jingo' shit!

I mean, "Come on!" LOL

Asylum Seeker said...

""..we shall know them by their fruits..'"

But, didn't you know? It's unfair to judge Christianity based upon the works of a few imperfect, fallible Christians, no matter how many of them are, and how sadistic and cruel they prove themselves to be. Fruits are only relevant when judging non-Christians, non-conservatives, and people outside of our country.

pboyfloyd said...

LOL .. it's 'rum' o'clock here too.