Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Bittersweet Conclusion

Barack wins the Presidency.
The Senate now has a 54 Democrat majority, and the House Democrats now outnumber House Republicans by 88.
And more good news.
Euthanasia is now legal in Washington.
Anti-abortion laws in Colorado and South Dakota were scrapped.
Marijuana possession will only warrant a fine now in Massachusetts, and severely ill patients in Michigan can register to use and grow medicinal marijuana.

But...bad news on the egalitarian front. Proposition 8 in California looks like it may pass, and consequently revert the state back to its non-gay marriage state via a (state) constitutional amendment. Gay marriage was banned by passed propositions in both Florida and Arizona. And, in Arkansas, a law forcing potential adoptive parents to be married passed, which was a particularly unveiled attempt to bar gays and lesbians from adopting, apparently.
And, less terrible but still a little eyebrow raising, is the fact that race and gender based affirmative action is banned in Nebraska now.

A rather mixed bag, but mostly good. We definitely need to make more progress on the gay rights front in this country (amongst, you know, everything else). Hopefully, time under the new blue administration will help.


Stacy said...

I'm shocked about CA - not about FL. We're still a country full of bigots. Oh well.:-(

GearHedEd said...


Medical marijuana passed in Michigan, and I'm a glaucoma patient! Gotta go find my seeds that I've been saving since the late '70s...

pboyfloyd said...

Do you think that Denzel Washington is too old to play the prez in the (hopefully)far future.

Maybe Obama could take up acting and play Denzel!

Not sure what the plotline would be in that scenario.

Obama acts as 'real life' Washington(still Denzel here, not George!), then of course as Denzel 'in character'.

An actor, acting as another actor who is acting.

Meh, it's been done.(Man on the Moon)

GearHedEd said...

Or actors, wrestlers and comedians acting like elected officials, such as Jesse Ventura, Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Franken...