Friday, December 12, 2008

Stephen Colbert on the War on Christmas, Atheism, and Religion in general

I seriously have a hard time believing that this guy is actually religious...(especially since his biggest segment when he was a Daily Show correspondent was the hilariously irreverent "This Week in God").

On a related note, this ordeal in Washington is becoming a textbook case of WHY we have a separation of church and state. If you favor one group, you piss off everyone else. And, if you try to appease every group that asks for're going to have to put up with a whole lot of crazy crap.
Oh, and Fred Phelps. And Bill Donahue (who blames it all on the governor letting atheist sign in, rather than, you know, the nativity scene and menorrah that originally obliged them to also put up that can also go here to see him whine about the fact that other holidays are celebrated in December and people are more tolerant of religious displays from religious minorities). They opened the door, and now they are slamming it shut so that they can figure out what to do now that too many people are seeking to put up their own display (allegedly, to "compete" with the atheist sign. Heh, whatever). Yet I am sure that no one will learn anything from this except that "those durn atheists ruined everything"!


mac said...

Looking at Santa in a g-string makes me realize why I don't wear underwear.

If the image weren't so darned funny, I might be offended....he bears a striking resemblace to my favorite person - ME :-)

I don't have a problem with christmas decorations. Nor do I have issies with people wishing me "Merry Christmas".

I just wish christians would realize December really isn't theirs alone. It more than likely is not even when their mythical god was born. The holiday is a carry-over from pagan celebrations of the Soltice. BUT just try explaining that to a christian !

Asylum Seeker said...

"I don't have a problem with christmas decorations. Nor do I have issies with people wishing me "Merry Christmas"."

Me neither. I celebrate Christmas myself (and have for all of my life) secularly, so I obviously have no personal issue with any of that. I do have problems with people who have problems with people who want to be more inclusive by not using the term "Merry Christmas", though. And I do have a problem with (explicitly religious) Christmas decorations on government property. I guess I am just picky, though.

"It more than likely is not even when their mythical god was born. The holiday is a carry-over from pagan celebrations of the Soltice. BUT just try explaining that to a christian !"

Don't even try. Either they'll just malfunction and start sputtering out random Bible verses, or will detonate, with the remains liquifying, slithering off to reform itself a few miles away. They won't actually change their minds...they'll just feel like you are harrassing them by telling them we don't know the exact date of Jesus's birth (I really can't believe how ignorant they are of how much is known in their religious tradition!).

pboyfloyd said...

Yea, who can forget, "Too-ti-ti, too-ti-ti. Too-ti-ti, too-ti-ti. Too-ti-ti, too-ti-ti. Too-ti-ti, TOOT.. tit.. tooo."

And, and that's the 'new' Christmas message these days, "Atheists ruin everything!"

Stacy said...

From Wikipedia -

" In interviews, Colbert has described his parents as devout people who also strongly valued intellectualism and taught their children that it was possible to question the Church and still be Catholic.["

He is raising his kids catholic as well. - (as was I)

I don't understand why PZ has such a problem with catholics - IMO they are the most reasonable.

The "Bill Donohue catholics" are completely different. I don't think he understands that. They are like Southern Baptists compared to baptists.

Asylum Seeker said...

It's the ones that are unreasonable and adamantly defend the Church and the literal truth of wafers turning into Jesus that he has a problem with. They are the most reasonable overall, though. And I guess it is unreasonable to think that all Catholics are Bill Donohue.

And I knew Colbert was a Catholic, but it seems like he makes fun of religion (including God) alot, even if he feels that he can still be religious by making those jabs. I know that making fun of the institution of religion, other people's gods, and people's hypocrisy while being religious isn't anything new among believers; but actually making fun of the very idea of God (while also showing some support for atheism) is something rather new. If he is actually religious despite all that, I kind of find that heartening and hope that others follow in suit.

Stacy said...

The Wikipedia article says that he teaches Sunday school as well.

Anonymous said...

He is a Catholic and a grade-a rapture-beleiving zionist. He beleives that all the Jews most return to Israel and rebuild the temple so Jesus comes back...the problem is...there is a Final Battle in the the battle 2/3 of Humanity will be wiped out...

He and Jon Stewart are devils...right-wing left-wing all the same...

Obama is worst than Bush (the light christian-zionist).

Asylum Seeker said...

...I'll take your word for it (though I am not sure how much love the idea of a Rapture gets from mainstream Catholics. Sects are so confusing.)

Oh, and I knew that he teaches (or taught, not sure if he still does) Sunday school.

Anonymous said...

Most Catholics reject the idea, but Colbert is an exception, and there are other notable exceptions such as Michael Moore.

You may ask what is Colbert doing working in the most anti-religious TV Station on the face of the Planet... read the last part of the first paragraph.

What you got in the USA (and indeed several European countries, Canada and Australia) is an alliance of very very very cleaver Jewish-Zionists and Christian-Zionist and a totally controlled "Left vs Right" political paradigma.

Israel thats all they care for...wars? economic collapse? They dont care.

"War on Terror"? "War for Oil"? All bullshit...