Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Assassination without bullets (or weapons).

One of these things makes the other sound ridiculous. Pick out which one is the exaggeration!
While Bush wasn't harmed, the incident was reminiscent of John W. Hinckley's failed attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan on March 30, 1981 . Hinckley slipped into a crowd of reporters outside the Washington Hilton , and when Reagan emerged from a speaking appearance, the 25-year-old drifter fired six shots with a .22-caliber handgun, hitting Reagan in the chest, permanently disabling presidential press secretary Jim Brady with a bullet to the head and wounding a Secret Service agent and a police officer.
Contrast with this statement from the Secret Service:
"It's obvious that (Bush) could have been hit in the head with a shoe,'' he said. "Anytime there's an incident like this, we're going to review it. We're always trying to improve ourselves.''
Give up? I know. It sounds too improbable that someone used the phrase "always trying to improve ourselves" right after a sentence including the word "Bush" , but it happened. Clearly, they are bald-faced liars.

Okay, serious time: there is not even a remote similarity between the scenario of the shoe thrower and John Hinckley. Here's a non-exhaustive list of reasons why:
  • Hinckley was a U.S. citizen. Zaidi is an Iraqi citizen. And the conference took place in Iraq, which just happened to be a country that Bush invaded. Slightly different climate than good ol' U.S. soil.
  • Hinckley was not a journalist, and had to sneak around. Zaidi was a journalist, and was actually supposed to be in the press conference.
  • Hinckley intended to hurt people, and did. Zaidi did not (most likely) and did not.
  • Hinckley used an actual weapon (related to above). Zaidi threw a f#@$ing shoe. He should have thrown some form of food product to make the responses against this move look as ridiculous as they truly are.
  • Hinckley was insane. Zaidi was outraged.
  • Hinckley's attack, by your own description, didn't even occur inside a press conference, but only when Reagan was leaving one.
The only similarity is that 1. a President was targeted with something that moved a distance greater than 5 feet, and 2. it happened in or around a speaking engagement of that President. That is the only comparison I can see, and trying to draw any further ones is just a tad beyond disingenuous, and only providing fodder for those who are going to claim that this was a vicious attack anyway. I would almost call the comparison fearmongering if it weren't for the fact that I think that it was far too inane to even intentionally have been that. Just plain sloppiness, I assume.


mac said...

Hey, you never know, that shoe may have been loaded.

Atheletes foot?
Bush may have gotten confused, thinking his feet smell and his nose runs.

Oh yeah, you forgot....Zaidi threw the shoe to impress Jodie Foster. I can imagine his thinking now " If I can only hit W with my shoe, maybe she'll visit me in the Hospital like she did Hannibal Lector"

Asylum Seeker said...

Forgot about that one.

If he lit the shoe on fire before he threw it. If it had a retractable knife in the heel. If it were made of pure iron. If it was coated with deadly snake venom. Or if it had a gypsy curse on it. Only then could then could this comparison be accepted as anything but ridiculous. Athlete's foot, while it would be confusing on the face, wouldn't be sufficient, because you can't confuse Bush more than he is already, and is thus an irrelevant tactic to pull.

mac said...

Stop it !!

You are making my side hurt.

I might have to call the authorities, this poses a danger to my face...too many laugh lines.

Sure, just like a shoe assassin
I like that word ass ass in :)

Asylum Seeker said...

It all makes sense now...all the signs were in place...




"I like that word ass ass in :)"

I prefer to think of as an alternate spelling of "a sassin'", as in "an instance of being sassy". Because it makes attempted murder of a political official sound like the potential killer is just a cranky 9 year old that way. As it should be.

Mandar Malum said...

I find it quite amusing that they are comparing the "Bush Shoe Incident" with the attempt to assassinate Reagan... I think this just proves how ridiculous these people are.

Its a shame that the shoe didn't him him. I was hoping that he would have dodged the first one, forgot that people wear two, then get nailed right in the face with the second shoe... The news story would have been much better that way.