Tuesday, May 6, 2008

These are Your Morals on the Internet

This is an interesting site. Particularly if you're an atheist. You can get a chance to see how your "morals" stack up compared to the average of test-takers (of course, since the majority of test takers seem to be "non-religious", maybe that is a bit hard to do). It's a quite fun, and addictive for a few hours. Of course, once I dug into some of the later tests, it just got depressing. It is really annoying to compare scores to other people who like to choose extreme answers over realistic, moderate ones. Eh. Anyway, it's a nice, tiny window into your conscience, and it is a worth a shot, all in all.

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Ted Goas said...

Interesting project they have over there. I'd be nice if you didn't have to register to participate in one of their studies, but I guess they have to collect user data somehow. right?