Sunday, May 11, 2008

In Memoriam: May 5 to May 11

Insanity of the Day: It's true. They are being oppressed. And the Jews also control the government. It's a shame, really.

(Editor's note: the Jews do not control the government. Sleep, America. Sleeeeeep.)

Wisdom from the Bowels of the Abyss: "Heaven: a place where you get to go after death in order to do all the things that you have moral objections to in life."-The Gospel according to popular interpretation

Poll: Which of the following would you do if you met Satan walking down the street?

Run away. That's what heroes do! (100%)
Worship him, 'cause I'm edgy.(0)
Challenge him to a fiddling contest.(0)
Sell him your soul, and then get Daniel Webster to defend your right to keep that soul in court proceedings, just to be a douche. (0)
Buy him a cold brewsky and have a nice chat with him. He of all people needs someone to be friendly to him, just once...(0)

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mac said...

It is those darned jews, I knew it !

Seriously, how tired is it when christians complain about being oppressed in this country?
Is 500 years of dominance not enough?

Asylum Seeker said...

It's always the Jews (never got around to blaming the reptilians or Illuminati. I'm sure I'll get to it eventually).

500 years is not enough for them, if that 500 years of dominance is not a period of time during which they are living in the country, and if the dominance isn't strong enough to let them oppress others at will without rebuke.