Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Christocentric Definiton of Atheism

I am sure that you have heard this before: atheists are only atheists because they don't like the Christian God (for whatever variety of reasons). Atheism to people with such a mindset is fervently opposed to Christianity alone, and is simply a refusal of their own doctrine. To such people, no other world views have any factor on the decision to become an atheist, no other gods are being "opposed" or "denied". It is only the god that they believe in that needs to be actively despised or rejected in order for one not to believe in it.

It is hilariously egotistic, thoroughly entrenched in the presuppositions of their own doctrine, and so blatant in its disregard of how they, by the implications of their assertion of atheism being hatred of a deity, must have an incredible amount of spite towards every other god that others hold as being true.

So, yes, atheists are only atheists because they despise Jesus and Yahweh. Serves you right for how much resentment you bear towards Allah, Vishnu, and the entire Greek pantheon.

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PTET said...


I got into a discussion recently with a guy who insisted that everyone who was not a Christian, a Muslim or Jew "worshipped Satan". Whether they realized it or not.

As a mate of mine once put it, you can't use logic or reason to argue with a position that wasn't reached through logic and reason in the first place...

The *really* scary thing for me is that these people want *their* rights protected through blasphemy laws, to stop people "mocking" God.

It's nuts.