Sunday, May 4, 2008

In Memoriam: Week of April 27 to May 4

Insanity of the Day: The way to Hell may be paved with good intentions...but you really don't want to know what the way to Heaven has been paved with...

Wisdom from the Bowels of the Abyss: "Drinking and driving isn't dangerous. Do you know what is really dangerous? Taking a hit of LSD, and going hunting."-A drunk.

Poll: What level of consciousness is your favorite?

-Crystal clear consciousness, to the point of obsessiveness
-Dulled consciousness, for that perpetually groggy feel
-Altered consciousness, because if I am not hallucinating it, I do not care for it.
-No consciousness, because sleeping is awesome.

(No votes this week. I just stopped caring...)

Blog Description: A haven for the infirm, sadistic, baby-eating psychopaths that only the internet could love.

Profile: A creature of utmost mystery, who is only witnessed periodically by denizens of mental wards or classrooms (understandable, given that in many locations, the two are effectively indistinguishable from one another). Some believe that s/he is an entity beyond space and time, whose appearance is an omen of impending tragedy. These same people posit that s/he has existed throughout recorded history, though was simply too focused on getting drunk to care much about human affairs.
Other people tend to believe that this horrible being is a monstrosity sent from the 19th dimension to stir confusion and dissent, in order to more effectively steal all of the planet's peanut butter fudge supply, which will be later used to restore life to her/his barren homeworld. The invasion will occur soon thereafter.
Still others insist that s/he is merely a figment of a few naive and deranged imaginations.
But, one thing is certain: s/he is now on the internet. And there will be much wrath, quavering, and raisinets...
Location: Everywhere, Nowhere. Country unknown.

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