Friday, April 3, 2009

More Surreal than Usual

For some reason, due to the "fact" that otherwise neutral forms of media have a "liberal bias", conservatives feel compelled to let loose floods of unabashedly and admittedly conservatively  biased media.  From radio shows, to newsletters, to entire news networks, supporting only a form of conservatism so far right that it makes a good 30% of conservatives ashamed to have these platforms used as representative of their point of view (or at least I damn well hope so), they combat implicit bias by putting out explicitly biased alternatives.   Which, I am not complaining about, because it gives us all some clear targets.

Anyway, I bring this up because I happened to stumble across a "conservative newspaper" the other day  (they only publish the rag monthly, though, so it's more like a cheap newspaper-formatted magazine).  And, it was the perfect storm of unintentional hilarity.  On the page was a cheers and jeers article, right above some select quotations that they undoubtedly supported wholeheartedly.  In it, they criticize Barney Frank, the only openly gay member in the House of Representatives (with the only other representative to ever be openly gay no longer serving.  He was the inspiration for the term gerrymander). They talk about Frank calling Antonin Scalia a homophobe, and whine about labeling people who happen to disagree with you as some form of bigot.  This, just prior to accusing people for being anti-semitic for disagreeing with a Republican speaker  who just happens to be Jewish *.  In the same article.    And one of the quotes below is from someone who usually contributes to the newspaper, stating that people who tolerate homosexuals are homosexuals themselves.    I wonder if that is why they consider it a faux pas to label people as prevents them from associating people who do not share their irrational hatred with the people that they have the irrational hatred for.  Truly there is nothing more hateful than throwing a pompous, spiteful blowhard off his rhythm by pointing that he is, in fact, a pompous, spiteful blowhard.

*Bonus points:  Barney Frank is Jewish himself, and they make a rather crude joke about him, his homosexuality, and Fannie Mae in the article.  Alert the Antidefamation League!

On a completely unrelated note:  gay marriage now legal in Iowa.  I think I can hear the ranting already!


mac said...

I gets a kick out all the referrences to the "Liberal" media.

Aren't they ( the ones calling names) a medium as well? Yet they're not referred to as conserative media. At least not with the same wicked disdainn .

Asylum Seeker said...

I think the fact that they don't consider themselves a part of the media says it all. We don't even have to mention that they are biased, or refer to them with the same disdain, because their lack of credibility is a foregone conclusion. I just wish that their "humorists" and "comedians" were better at what they (ostensibly)do.

Mandar Malum said...

I also saw that gay marriage is legal in Iowa. I am looking forward to hearing the conservatives freak out.