Saturday, April 4, 2009

By Jove, he's done it again!

m sure that you guys are familar with Ray Comfort.  So....I aTurns out that he has this site called "Pull the Plug on Atheism", onto which he uploads ridiculous videos in which he spends a mere 2 minutes making a point and winds up still shooting himself in the foot during that limited time interval.  He also puts articles on there at a remarkably slow pace, with a good chunk of them focused on evolution (with at least two of those articles revolving around Ray's insistence that the female and male of each species had to have evolved independently).  But, what caught my eye was his most recent video: an incredibly bizarre attempt to cry persecution at the hands of atheists by first inundating us with religious memes in the popular media.  At this point, I shouldn't be surprised.

Here's the play by play:  (Note the nearly robotic, split-second movement of the arm when the channel changes)

0:08-0:16 Dr. Phil says that he is given the power to do what he does by his faith. You see, there's a downside to faith after all! 
0:17-0:19 Random person thinks some woman coming out of a coma is "a miracle...from God". Somebody describing something fortuitous and unlikely, but still not beyond the realm of the ordinary and probable, as a miracle? Truly, that is a miracle!
0:20-0:26 LOL! Footage of the mayor who had people praying for rain at the steps of city hall. The rain dance: ur doin it wrong!
0:27-0:31 OMG! They were asking questions about teh Bible on Jeopardy! This must mean that potent potables are the way to salvation! (I'm sure Jesus wouldn't disagree).
0:32-0:34 Bill Clinton swearing in on a Bible. "So help me God". I am sure uber-fundies get a little too excited whenever they hear terms of ceremonial deism.
0:35-0:42  Guy telling people to pray for some church, apparently after some twisters destroy a daycare center.  But the children survived.  Incomplete devastation for the win.
0:43-0:45  Eisenhower says something about prayer and god.
0:46-0:49  Diane Sawyer saying that some random woman is grateful for prayers from random people.
0:50-0:58 MOAR Jeopardy.  This time it's footage of a man answering a question wrong (and incidentally cut off before the actual answer was revealed).  The task was to more or less fill in the blank for the following:  "It is easier for a _________ to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven".  His answer: elephant.  Correct answer, cut-off:  camel.  
0:59-1:03  Person asking if a person somehow involved in some form of plastic surgery wants to improve on "God's creation".   I wonder if anyone would ask the same question of those who have undergone an appendectomy...
1:04- 1:07  Guy who says he likes to wake up and say "thank you God". is so sickening...
1:08- 1:23   Dinesh D'Souza on Glenn Beck's show in a video made by Ray Comfort.  That's enough failure to power a whole city block.  Apparently, Glenn is marvelling, implicitly, about fulfilled prophecies, due to "droughts, floods, forest fires,  natural disasters, plagues, wars, rumors of wars".  As if any of those things are unique to any period in history.  I get the distinct feeling that he would deem anyone who said "the sun will rise tomorrow" as a prophet.  Look no further, Beckie-boy.  Look no further.
1:24-1:27  Other host of Good Morning America says "thank you Jesus".
1:28-1:35  John Edwards prayed before his 16 year old son died and before his was wife was diagnosed with cancer.  John Edwards is either praying to a real dick or is praying with his hands facing the wrong direction, thus reversing the direction of the prayer and bringing about the opposite effect.  Maybe this is why Ray Comfort et al. want prayer taught in schools...because praying incorrectly could kill us all!
1:36-1:44  A guy says "There are all sorts of different ways that pastors can now touch people...".  Laughing too hard to hear the rest of what he is saying.
1:45-1:47  Hillary says "God bless America".  Seems vaguely sarcastic about it too.  Odd...
1:48- 1:59   Dramatic music plays.  Content summary:  '90% of Americans believe in God, but those atheists are trying to take our ability to worship away somehow.'
2:00-2:04  "They hate Christmas".  For the love of fuck, I celebrate Christmas.  Not very festively, mind you, but that's just because I am me.  It is not "hating" Christmas to appreciate those who choose to be more inclusive and use the term "Happy Holidays", and it is not "hating" Christmas to want to continue a church-state separation during the Christmas season (i.e. only secular decorations, for what is largely a secular holiday).
2:05- 2:08       "They go to court to stop the Gideon's from handing out Bibles at school".  WTF!?  They do that!?  I thought they just left those things exclusively in hotel rooms.  Seriously, they should not be allowed to hand out Bibles in a public school unless they stealthily broke into the building or the school has arranged to also hand out copies of every other holy text in a comparable fashion.
2:09-2:13     Oh noez!   We want "God" off the money and out of the pledge.  Mostly because they shouldn't really be there in the first place, but whatever...
2:14- 2:16   "They even want to change B.C. and A.D."  Yeah...but we aren't the only ones.  Pretty much anyone who isn't Christian has an interest in using a dating system that doesn't define itself by the Christian deity.  And historians are largely moving towards using the more secular B.C.E. and C.E. instead of the more Christocentric abbreviations.   Go bitch at all of them too, please.
2:17-end     "Back in 1963, it took only one atheist to take prayer and Bible reading out of our schools."  What...are you now trying to act as a motivational speaker for the atheists?  'One atheist can make a huge difference.'  Also...notice how much more accurate, and subsequently less relevant, your complaint becomes when you place the term "mandatory" before "prayer" and "Bible reading".   

He more or less ends with the statement that he put before the video on his site:  "Atheists are doing all they can to deny us the liberties we have to worship God in public. Will we let them?"

Which is a pretty hefty fail, in of itself, because the only "public" forum that we have any qualms regarding "worship" is 1. in front of a classroom and 2. in government.  In fact, it is clear that we are not after preventing people from worshipping in public in general by the very videos you provide. Sorry Ray.  Next time, try not to make half of your video showing how often the media mentions prayer and God and miracles when trying to whine about how those very things are being suppressed.


Mandar Malum said...

Ahhh, the music is so calm and peaceful in the beginning of the video. It is much like the music that probably plays on God's mp3 player.

I am with you, I don't hate Christmas, I also celebrate it, but I just don't celebrate the religious aspects of it...

Stacy said...

What's the answer?? Is it Hurricane? (That was my knee jerk answer)

Also -- I was picking my son up from school one day and there were people (adult men)just outside school grounds handing religious literature to kids that were walking home.

I called the school immediately from my cell to "express my displeasure" while I was waiting in the pick-up line.

I should mention this was a middle school - 6th, 7th, 8th grade students.

The crossing guard - a uniformed police officer - did nothing until after I complained.

Asylum Seeker said...

God doesn't use an mp3 player. New media are evil, after all.

"Also -- I was picking my son up from school one day and there were people (adult men)just outside school grounds handing religious literature to kids that were walking home."

Technically, I would think that it wouldn't be an issue if the literature-hander-outers were located off school grounds. If they aren't on school property, and they aren't doing anything illegal, then they should be fine. Was the actually able to do anything (did it want to)?

Asylum Seeker said...

Insert the word "school" somewhere into the last sentence.

Stacy said...

Well ... they weren't there the next day.

I just think that there HAS to be something illegal about waiting for a school of 10, and 11 year old kids to get out so you can approach the kids that are walking home.


Asylum Seeker said...

I have no idea myself. I would think that it wouldn't be a problem unless there was a van or a stroll through the park involved...

pboyfloyd said...

Yea, Comfort is another glib bitch!

Imagine you get married, the woman suddenly loves you, but only if you act EXACTLY the way that she wants you to act.

(Change the spouse for 'man' Stacy, it works both ways).

Seems that religion and their little helpers are EXACTLY like that.

All God wants is your love and to do exactly what he says, of your own free choice, of course.

On the other hand you have the choice of NOT loving God and going to HELL, that only seems fair.

YEA, it only seems fair because IT'S NOT.

mac said...

I really like the John Edwards segment.
Classic misplaced prayer.

Asylum Seeker said...

"Imagine you get married, the woman suddenly loves you, but only if you act EXACTLY the way that she wants you to act."

Unconditional love is dead and buried. People would have wept at its funeral, but it never gave us presents. Bastard should rot in hell.

"I really like the John Edwards segment.
Classic misplaced prayer."

It is morbidly entertaining because it actually hits on actual research involving the efficacy of prayer where the people prayed for actually did WORSE than a control group. I think that's only if they weren't aware of the praying, and I am not sure if the difference was significance. Also, similar research has slightly different results. But still...the possibility that prayer actually has the opposite intended just floors me.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

A big problem for me with the prayer for sick people is that it makes good graces with the deity seem more like an episode of American idol - what happens if you can't get enough people to pray for you - do you get voted off the island?

Stacy said...

Right Pliny - Santa gives rich kids more presents too.

Asylum Seeker said...

Guess everything is just a metaphysical popularity contest. It's like high school all over again!

Well, thankfully, surgeries and medication seems to be more effective than a few dozen people clapping their hands since they believe. Maybe God set life up as more like a video game...and science is a massive cheat code.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Don't forget 'God's rabbit ears' At least that's what I think of when all those people raise their arms over their heads...

Anonymous said...

Ray Comfort is one of my favorite sources of entertainment.