Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The End of an Era

Obama is now officially President. I still can't believe this. It seems like 8 long years I've been in a state of perpetual outrage at the very thought that somewhere in the world, troops were dying for a continuously changing cause, and our President was on the verge of saying something stupid. And today, that just might sort of, almost change. Who knows, we might also have less of a bumbling/wantonly oppressive legislature for the next couple of years. Maybe, just maybe, I might finally be proud of this country. Maybe our economy won't go completely down the crapper. Maybe this war will finally start dying down a little. Maybe I will finally stop having contempt for government officials and policy since they are technically in agreement with me now, due to having "Democrat" stamped on their ass. And maybe we won't charge into random countries out of a combination of vengeful bloodlust and paranoia. I can always hope. But, we're probably still doomed. So at least I can find solace in that.

George Bush Presidency: 2001-2009.
It will be missed.


Anonymous said...

I'm split again,

George Bush is an inept putz. Dick Cheney is a hard-hearted war-mongering profiteer.

But I think the financial socialism Obama is espousing is not going to be good for us.

But Republicans aren't the solution!!

I can't take my football and go home. I'm a citizen.

If only Bush hadn't been so rotten, we might've gotten a moderate.


On another note, these dolts at Fox news are joking about contesting Obama's presidency because he flubbed a line in the oath.

I knew they would do that! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!

Fox, you stink! You ad hominem war promoting enthusiasts!!


Asylum Seeker said...

"On another note, these dolts at Fox news are joking about contesting Obama's presidency because he flubbed a line in the oath.

I knew they would do that! I knew it! I knew it! I knew it!"

That...that is hilarious. I wonder if they realize that half the comedy is in the unintentional self-parody (in that it is a reminder of all the crazed arch-Republicans debating over Obama's birth certificate). Oh, I wish I saw it.

The Maze Monster said...

Unfortunately it's people with those kinda thoughts who ARE breeding. Smart people need to not be. :-(

Oh and poor kitty. :-(

Asylum Seeker said...

Yep. Racists breed like rabbits. I guess it's because, when you think that you are perfect just on merits of being white, and you're going to get white offspring no matter what, you see procreation as a public service, rather than, you know, a strain on people who don't want to deal with 20 kids who adopt the same principles as their daddy, will probably breed like their daddy, and will continue to babble inanities about how everyone who doesn't share their skin color is inferior. Ideally, our society will change so that those ideas can't be survive in anyone's head save the most ignorant. But, you never know, especially when we are the country with the most "most ignorant" people.

And I'm sure the cat will be fine. Bush never leaves an unnecessary and malicious job finished.

[Side note: This comment is in reference to a post on Maze Monster's blog. Just thought I'd clear up that confusion before it began].

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Fox news is giving Obama a hard time because of Robert's poor cadence in reciting the oath. We should keep track of verbal gaffs.

Let's see Obama has one. W has 17,897,321....

Anonymous said...

White skin is superior to black skin because it can supernaturally do....umm....what exactly?

I've met so many different shades of racists: asian, white, black, and semitic. Their argument is always the same. Dose peeplez differnt!

I love racists. Let me tell you they are deep, thoughtful people. The intellectual vigor of their views is so refreshing.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

As I've said before, the surprise to me is not that we have so many racists in this country. The splendid surprise for me in this last election and the national celebration associated with its outcome is that we have far fewer than we feared.

GearHedEd said...

I dunno, Pliny...

The minorities have traditionally voted democrat, and the more moderate republicans were disgusted enough with the neocons and Bushies to swing the other way. It was a knee-jerk.

GearHedEd said...

Meaning there's probably still just as many racists as there were before Obama clinched the nomination last summer.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

But I think that's the point Ed, the knee jerk move at election time wasn't tilted by race as we might have imagined that it would be. I live in a town that is 80% white citizens and that's about the margin he carried there.

I know a lot of people who didn't believe this would happen for at least another generation.

I may be wrong but I am an eternal optimist.

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

As an aside - doesn't it seem inappropriate that any comments that I leave here on this 'notorious' skeptical blog always get saved? I think we should petition google to change it to stored ... ;)

(joke alert)

GearHedEd said...

Here's a little something. Check out the comments, too.

Response to Rick Warren

Stacy said...

Kitteh? Kitteh? Kitteh?...Oh there you ... aarrgghhh!!! Nnnooooooo!!

Baby? Baby? Baby???

Asylum Seeker said...

GearhedEd...he hit gold there! I...I almost feel compelled to dissect some of those comments to show why they are wrong, or just to send laughter in their direction...but I'll show some restraint with that.

Christopher said...

You spelled it wrong. You wrote, "The end of an Era", I think you meant "The end of an ERROR!"

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Ahhhh I looked at some of the aol Rick Warren comments and realized that recently I have been insulated from morons by sticking to a few blogs. I mean the worst I have to contend with in this blog neighborhood is Ste BG's big brain stuff ;) (just poking at you with a stick B)

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Great President (cough)

Rushmore Caliber President (cough cough cough)

Best President since Clinton (actually Morgan Freedman was, and Martin Sheen, Jimmy Smits...)

Acceptable President (only in a contest Cheney)

PILF (you know what it stands for) (AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGH! Another image that may require neuroablative surgery to expunge)

Truly a god amongst men (ahh, no)

Excellent false front for a secret Cheney presidency (He even failed at this since it was far too obvious)

My vote: as much a hope as a vote: A fitting end to the Reagan era...

Asylum Seeker said...

You don't think that Bush should be on Rushmore? Oh well....

GearHedEd said...

Where's Gutzon Borglum when ya need him??

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Oh - update on the oath snafu - Roberts, the Chief Justice misquoted it to Obama

Mandar Malum said...

ahhh, it is indeed a great era to end... it should have ended 4 years ago, but I am glad its over now!

Asylum Seeker said...

I was wondering which one of the two got it wrong. Apparently, he retook the oath for safety's sake. Here. Apparently, Bill O'Reilly thinks that us atheists and all should be pissed because Obama mentioned God in his speech (as if we were unaware of his religious affiliation, and as if we care, as long as his religious beliefs aren't state-sanctioned). I wonder how many people on his side of the issue are going to be unnerved that he didn't swear in on a Bible in the second oath. I can almost hear the horrified shrieking from here.

Stacy said...

"I wonder how many people on his side of the issue are going to be unnerved that he didn't swear in on a Bible in the second oath. I can almost hear the horrified shrieking from here."

I know he's a closet atheist - I just know it!!

GearHedEd said...

When I go to my sister's house on Thanksgiving for the yummy roasted turkey, before the festivities begin, her father-in-law always says a prayer of thanks. I'm an atheist, but I'm not so insensitive that I'd make an issue out of whether or not I show respect to the religious folks present by bowing my head and pretending to pray with them. That's just a little "social grease", just like I shouldn't get upset if Obama wants to call upon "higher powers". He's gonna need all the help he can get as it is.

GearHedEd said...

Likewise, I'm not gonna give all my money to Bill O'Reilly just because it says "In God We Trust" on it.

Asylum Seeker said...

"Likewise, I'm not gonna give all my money to Bill O'Reilly just because it says "In God We Trust" on it."

Why has no evangelist thought of that? Challenge all the nonbelievers to send them all their cash in protest of "In God We Trust" printed on it. It cannot fail!

Seriously, though, as much as I don't get up in arms about it, the money thing actually does bother me. I'd be fine letting religious kin be religious and do religious stuff and say religious things. As long as they aren't trying to convert me, I am A-okay. But, that particular phrase on our currency has always irked. I guess I just pine for "E plurbus Unum", rather than "If you don't believe in a single god named God, you are not 'we'". A unification of all who are American, rather than a unification of all who are American Christian (and Deist and Jewish, I suppose).

GearHedEd said...

"If you don't believe in a single god named God, you are not 'we'".

I never really looked at it like that before...

"In God We Trust" Factoid Sheet

The 'motto' didn't appear on paper money until the late 1950's. Before that, the bills looked the same, but without the motto.

Asylum Seeker said...

It's a shame that having that motto on a few coins, in an environment where virtually everyone would agree with the sentiment, allowed for a foot in the door for putting the statement on all currency, in a more religiously diverse modern day climate. Though I guess the particularly egregious part is that the term is our National Motto! (I did not know that, honestly). Another attempt to make leaps and bounds towards a theocratic government during the Cold War era. I find it disheartening that they weren't without precedent though....

Pliny-the-in-Between said...

Yeah the history of this country is pretty interesting from a secular standpoint. Up until somewhere between 1830 and the 1850's the US postal service delivered mail 7 days a week. There was some religious carping but it was largely ignored. The change to dropping Sunday delivery was actually a cost cutting measure in large part possible because of the rise of the telegraph.

Asylum Seeker said...

Well, good to no that that decision was probably made as a matter of necessity rather than pay homage to an angry deity. But now I am suddenly thinking about blue laws. They have apparently been with us for a while, apparently, and basically now only exist as arbitrary restrictions on the sale of alcohol that are heavily "Sunday is magic"-centric. I wonder if those started original popping up around the 1830-1860 period like all these other things seem to be...

Asylum Seeker said...

"no" should be "know".


mac said...

I suppose I'm the only one that finds Bush eating pussy to be Clinton-esque.

Asylum Seeker said...

That was just wrong. I like it! Good one, mac.

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