Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Worst. Graffiti. EVER.

Apparently, being an atheist in public is a grave offense to Christians, so...the good and merry folk of the world's bestest religion have no choice but to Jesusify their signs!

You can almost feel the "love" of the band of vandalizing manchildren who did this. The "love" of people who just can't stand to sit idly by without their delusion of choice being touted about as the best thing since sliced bread.

Oh, and, the "Obama half-breed muslin" sign...don't even get me started. I am just glad that the person who made that sign had the decency to wear their idiocy on their sleeve, so I don't have to rant about how their quasi-racism and Islamaphobia is completely irrelevant in regards to Obama. But the brain damage remains...


mac said...

Last night, my wifew asked me " why do atheist have to be so vocal about their beliefs."

After 15 years together she still doesn't get it....atheists are not the ones pushing religion( or non-religion) onto everyone. We don't thionk something must be wrong with you for not going to our church. We don't put little flyers on car windsheilds. We don't have a sunday morniong radio show telling everyone they are not going to hell !

She then goes on to tell me even my dis-belief is a belief....like that old Rush song - if you decide not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Sometimes, I wonder if she understands me at all...but she is a good girl none-the-less. I think I'll keep her ( if I can?).

Asylum Seeker said...

No matter what we do, say, or even think, we will always be "militant" to these people just for our mere existence. Of course, I don't really mind. It is probably just misunderstanding over the atheist label itself that gets people so riled up.

But, I guess you've gotten yourself into a bit of a pickle, marrying a theist (or at least a religious sympathizer...). Of course, I've always been a firm supporter of such relationships. We don't want the atheist community to become too incestuous, now do we? But hopefully you can ween her off of her unhealthy addiction to "evil atheist" canards. Keep your fingers crossed, because the world may be gradually coming to its senses (damn...I sound like an optimist...).